Early Spring Landscaping Tips

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Results From The Woodlands Landscaping

Our landscape team produces dramatic results as evidenced by these before & after pictures. Spring has come early in the Houston area.  And after the year that we’ve had that comes as no surprise!  Your heavy pruning should be done by now.  Beginning now and through the summer, a light pruning is recommended.  Azalea can be pruned after the blooms drop.  This is the perfect time to consider the hardy Summer color you desire to brighten up your yard during the hot months.  In regard to your turf, it should have been scalped by now.

The Woodlands Landscaping: Recommended Mowing Heights

Our experts also recommend raising your mowers to these heights to help withstand the heat, St. Augustine @ 2.5-3” and Zoysia @ 1.5-2.5” respectively.  Friendly reminder…make sure to inspect your irrigation systems to ensure they are operating properly.  This will help protect delicate grass and flowers from the increasingly hot sun. Contact the office for any needs including a customized landscape renovation rendering.  Call Robin to schedule your appointment.

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