When Should I Get Professional Lawn Care Service?

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As a homeowner, are you too busy to tend to your routine lawn care and landscaping needs? If you’re like most of us, the answer is yes! Most of us begin carrying out regular lawn care maintenance in our yard, but over time, we quickly lose momentum. If you started tending for your lawn and it became sporadic, a neglected lawn will soon begin to show signs. Read on to learn about the key indicators that could mean it’s time to get professional lawn care services.

#1 When You see Random and Invasive Weed Growth

If you’re not paying attention to your lawn, weeds can soon begin growing around trees, bushes, and fencing. This is especially true for warmer climates where grass grows quickly, and seasonal treatments are necessary. Help is needed when grass no longer looks like grass, but more like wild meadows with scattered weeds and prickly thistles. And when your yard starts harboring unwanted pests, and it’s no fun to walk barefoot, those are sure-fire signs for help.

#2 When the Neighbors Start Complaining

The most embarrassing indicators come from neighbors who tell you how they’ve noticed weeds from your yard coming into theirs. Neighborhood comments or notices from the homeowners association can definitely draw your attention to the lack of proper lawn care.

#3 When You Notice Brown Patches, Dry Patches, and Fungus

These are all indicators of lawn stress and possible disease. As most homeowners know, yards need proper watering and maintenance during every season of the year in order to stay healthy. When fungus and other pests have infested your lawn, it’s vital that you contact professional help. One Sources Residential Services can get your Greater North Houston area lawn off to a great start.

#4 When You Don’t Understand Watering, Fertilizing and Seeding

Especially for summer lawn maintenance, hiring professionals can be an excellent idea for keeping the grass lush and green. Patches of grass that are not doing well may be turning brown or yellow. There may be issues with improper watering or the grass may be stressed from lack of nutrients. If uneven watering is a chronic problem, an irrigation system could be installed. In addition, having One Source’s lawn care service spread fertilizer and new seed down when needed can rejuvenate your lawn. Fertilization and seeding can be done again later in the year and twice per year thereafter. If you don’t understand these schedules or have time to keep up, getting help is a wise option.

#5 When You’ve Learned About the Benefits

There are many benefits to having professional lawn care services. For example:

  • Professionals provide optimum solutions for those who don’t have time to manage all the necessary yard care tasks.
  • They effortlessly keep your yard looking healthy and beautiful.
  • You save time and energy!
  • It’s hassle-free and you can just enjoy your yard.
  • You don’t have to remember when to weed and feed, etc.
  • You ultimately avoid paying for your costly mistakes; in turn, you save money!

Get started with One Source Residential Services. We’re 20 years into providing professional lawn care services to our happy homeowners in the Woodlands, Spring, and Conroe areas. Call us today at 281-363-4663.

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