Top Holiday Landscaping Trends For Texas Homeowners

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If there’s any time of year that you want your home landscaping to look gorgeous, it’s during the Holiday season. Whether you prefer to celebrate with outdoor lighting, holiday-themed displays, or Christmas landscaping, you have options.  With the 2018 holiday season already at hand, here are a few of the most popular and timeless landscaping trends…

Holiday Lighting

You can never go wrong with simple, yet elegant-looking holiday lights to add to your landscaping. Outdoor lighting can add so much to the ambiance of the Holiday season. Most neighbors and friends enjoy their beauty as they light up the night sky. Furthermore, Holiday lights have a way of reminding us to stay in the Christmas Spirit.

When you choose to have professional outdoor lighting, your yard looks spectacular and it welcomes guests to private gatherings. Keep in mind, however, that most seasonal lighting installations take place in November before Thanksgiving. So, you’ll need to plan ahead for next year.

Evergreens & Colorful Holiday Plants

Evergreen trees will always make Holiday landscaping efforts easy. They bring so much to the table when it comes to making your yard look festive. Though evergreens aren’t as common in Texas as other areas of the US, you can still use temporary mini evergreens to pot in your yard. They’re easy to light up and decorate for the Holiday season, significantly adding to the outdoor ambiance.

Although Texans don’t see much snow during the winter season, that doesn’t stop us from bringing cheer to our Holiday landscaping. In fact, if a winter wonderland doesn’t fit the vibe of our home, we go with colorful Holiday-themed plants and shrubs! For example, plants like poinsettias and amaryllises grow well in the Texas climate. We can also take advantage of adding the beautiful Christmas cactus plant as an option to spruce things up.

Outdoor Escapes

Going with the milder weather theme, outdoor escapes are still another great Holiday landscaping trend. Texas homeowners have the perfect outdoor setting during Christmas time to take parties and Holiday gatherings outside. Professional landscaping providers do an excellent job of adding Christmas lights, plants, and festive foliage to your backyard. And as a great investment, you can add value to your home with things like sitting decks, firepits, pool lighting, and covered patios for outdoor entertaining.

Natural-Looking Landscaping Trends

Ever wonder why you don’t see much of the huge outdoor displays of Santa in the sleigh, guiding his reindeer? That may be due to this next landscaping trend. Many homeowners these days have moved more towards a simple, yet elegant, minimalistic approach to outdoor Holiday décor. We’re starting to see less and less of the big blow-up Frosty with his button nose and two eyes made out of coal.

The timeless trend of tastefully displaying natural-looking outdoor figurines like deer, celestial beings, and elegant star-lighting is here to stay. The main goal of modern landscaping is to highlight the home and perfectly complement its outdoor elevation, rather than distract from it.

Consider Working with a Professional Service Provider

One of the easiest things you can do for yourself is to partner with a professional lawn and landscaping service. You’ll always have peace of mind when your yard looks fabulous all year-round. Why? Because you took advantage of the benefits of lawn care, pool, and pest control services from a professional local provider.

If you live in the Woodlands, Conroe, or Spring areas of Greater Houston, connect with One Source Residential Services. Now is the time to consider professional services for 2019. Contact One Source today at 281-363-4663, for an initial consultation.

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