The Woodlands, Texas Fall Lawn Beatification Guide

The calendar says it’s Fall, but this is Houston… And while the days do begin to get a bit more mild, unfortunately we will continue to face issues with our lawns.  Fall will bring two challenges, primarily in St. Augustine, brown patch and white grubs.  Brown patch is a fungus that thrives in shorter days and temperatures between 50-80 degrees.  This disease will cause the familiar orange ring and blades easy to pull out. We proactively apply a fungicide to the lawns in September and continue this application through October.  We will greatly reduce nitrogen and increase potassium over the same period. You can assist your technician and help protect your yard by reducing your watering. Grubs are a little more difficult to control. Unfortunately, it is often the case that if you notice damage – it is too late. Specifically, grubs are the larvae of May and June bugs that laid their eggs in August. They start to feed around late September and will continue until cold weather sends them deep into ground. Detection is the best control.  Insecticides are most effective applied when they are first noticed.  Because of very little residual effect timing is very difficult. Contact One Source for any lawn concern.

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