The Woodlands Autumn Pool Care Guide

Welcome to Fall in Texas! Living in Houston we are blessed to be able to enjoy our pools almost year round! In many cases our pools got so hot during the summer that they were not even refreshing, so the milder days and nights make our pools cooler and more relaxing again.  With cooler weather on the way it will be time to begin to turn on your heaters.  One Source offers experienced electricians that will be happy to thoroughly inspect your equipment, making sure it’s safe and fully operable.  While your technicians will clean out your baskets on a weekly basis, it is always a good idea to continue to clear them during the week should you notice them filling.  

One Source is so excited to share with our customers that we are now offering full pool remodel & repair services. We currently have a beautiful project underway and are excited to share before and after photos in next months newsletter.  Stay tuned! Should you have issues with tile or coping that needs attention or are ready to completely renovate a pool that may be outdated, give us a call. Feel free to contact the office with any questions or concerns you may have for new manager James. Our team at One Source offers recommendations & assistance to ensure your pool remains in pristine working condition.  

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