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Most Texans, unless they have a super green thumb, aren’t familiar with proper lawn care for each season. What are we supposed to do in the Spring to prepare for Summer? What should we prepare for in Fall for the Winter? All of these questions become overwhelming when you’re a homeowner with a huge Texas-sized yard! Fortunately, if you’re still needing to winterize your lawn, it’s now or never!

Usually, well before mid-November, most professional lawn care providers have already prepared each homeowner’s landscape for winter. But if you’re a major procrastinator, here are a few tasks you can do before the weekend to winterize your lawn.

Fertilizing is a Must

When it’s cold outside, your grass still has to feed on something while keeping weeds under control. It’s especially important that you fertilize your lawn before Texas has its first spell of consistent cold days. Ryegrass is your best form of lawn care fertilization. Why is this? First off, it’s a hardy lawn fertilizer that grows heartily to develop deep roots in the soil.  it’s also drought resistant and provides a fast ground cover for those plants that have died off for the season. Overall, ryegrass offers additional erosion control and easily maintains moisture in the ground when it’s cold outside.

Adjust Your Mower Height

In Texas, because we experience freezing winters to a lesser degree compared to Northern states, we still have to mow. Fortunately, we don’t have to mow as much in the winter. Since your lawn continues to grow in the winter, you’ll want to make sure not to cut too low. The most vulnerable part of the grass blade is the brownish top just above the ground. For winter lawn care, it’s vital that you leave just enough of the blade to protect the roots.

It’s Wise to Get Professional Help

Everybody needs help sometimes. So, why not let it be with your lawn care regimen? Professional outdoor service providers like One Source Residential Services, understand how to best care for your lawn and landscaping. What’s even more beneficial is that they’ll remove the stress and hassle of your attempts to upkeep your own lawn. With their 20+ years of experience, you can rest assured that your yard will look healthy and vibrant year-round.

Get to know One Source in the Woodlands, Texas. We also provide pool care, pest control, as well as professional landscaping and lawn maintenance services. Our experienced and licensed technicians are readily available to help remove the burdens of outdoor home maintenance projects. Put us to the test by calling 281-363-4663 for more information, or to schedule a consult.

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