How to Prepare Your Landscaping & Pool for a Hurricane

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The last thing you’re likely thinking about in the wake of a coming hurricane is your home landscaping and/or pool. However, experienced lawn care and professional landscaping companies, like One Source Residential Services, do think about them. In fact, there are a few personal things you can do to get your yard area and pool storm-ready. What’s great about these tips is that they could potentially save your yard and keep it slightly intact. Even more, they could possibly help make your recovery time a bit more manageable.

One Source Residential Services and the entire Greater Houston Metropolitan area will never forget the merciless wrath of Hurricane Harvey. Hardest hit communities, businesses, and homeowners were overwhelmed during the aftermath and recovery process. Regardless, everyone near and far could certainly sense the loss and devastation after this very large storm. Yet, despite the destruction and significant landscaping change, we witnessed great beauty at that time. We experienced tens of thousands of people coming together to help rebuild Houston and neighboring cities.

Though you never really know what the hurricane season will bring, it’s always best to be prepared. In this article, One Source provides a few basic preparation tips for your landscaping and/or pool. Read to learn more about what you can do to prepare your residential outdoors for a hurricane or tropical storm.

Is Your Lawn & Landscaping Hurricane Ready?

Before, or at the start of, the hurricane season is the best time for you to incorporate preparation into your lawn care routine. Most landscaping services will help prepare your yard for seasonal changes, but there are some practical things you can do.

  • Trees are one of the highest concerns during a hurricane. If you have young newly-planted trees, or some still developing with stakes, they are most vulnerable to strong hurricane-force winds. Before a hurricane, be sure to drive the support stakes deep down into the ground to help the trees withstand the winds.
  • Big branches and loose shrubs that are close to your house should be trimmed and properly bundled for your local collection company.
  • Large potted plants and heavy pottery can be stored in the garage, covered patio, or laid on their sides as to not become potential projectile objects.
  • Outdoor patio furniture has to be brought inside, or stored in a proper and secured location. If you have a pool and lots of pool furniture, some people throw the furniture into the pool.
  • Get in your last mow. If you’re in the path of a hurricane, it makes sense to mow your yard because you don’t know when you’ll be able to mow it again. Cut grass recovers better after a storm.
  • Do you have a produce garden? Big or small, go ahead and harvest your veggies and fruits before a hurricane. Pick it all rather than losing it to the storm.
  • Take a final sweep of the front and back yards. While you’re at it, be sure to also bring yard toys, BBQ grills, bins, and all free-standing yard equipment inside. Yard tools and furnishings, art, etc., all should be brought into the garage for proper storage as well.

Is Your Pool Hurricane Ready?

As a rule of thumb, it’s best to keep your swimming pool filled. Pools should not be drained before or during a hurricane. When a pool is drained, numerous amounts of pressure can build, causing it to crack or come out of the ground. Draining the water just a few inches will help to keep hydrostatic pressure from building and also act as a shield for the pool’s finish.

Outdoor cleaning chemicals, propane tanks, lawn chemicals, and pesticides should be stored in areas that are secure. If you can secure them in a high place, that’s even better. Gasoline and highly toxic chemicals can be extremely hazardous should they come to contaminate floodwaters and come into your home.

Get Hurricane-Ready with Professional Help

For tougher jobs, you can always consult with a pool and lawn care service provider, like One Source Residential Services. Outside of having peace of mind, you won’t have to deal with the hassle of tending to heavy landscaping tasks or your pool before a hurricane.

At One Source, we help you prepare so you’re free to make sure that your family is also safe and secured. Even more, after the storm passes and if there is no catastrophic damage or flooding, we’re available to provide cleanup.

As professionals, we’re already armed with the equipment and machinery needed to remove excess foliage and large debris. Consult with us as well for helping to restore and bring proper pH balance back to your pool. We also professionally renovate pools that have succumbed to structural damage.

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If you live in the Woodlands, Spring, Conroe, or Tomball areas, we’re here to serve you. Ask One Source online, or connect with one of our service experts by phone at 281-363-4663, that’s 281-363-HOME.

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