Eliminate Lawn Drainage Issues In The Woodlands, Texas

With the bountiful amount of rain we have received, you may have noticed areas of your yard that do not drain well.  While the memory is still fresh, consider these options to eliminate any ponding or flooding from future storms.  There are several ways to fix drainage issues.  Regardless of the direction your yard slopes, if there are slight dips that retain water or major ponding, solutions are available!

The proper remedy may be guttering to direct the water where you want it to go.  Since many communities in The Woodlands are instituting “water conservation” laws and have restrictions on watering frequency, an option is purchasing rain barrels for installation on the downspouts of your guttering.  This water can be used to irrigate in certain areas.  There is no need to worry about mosquitoes, since most rain barrels are tight and designed to keep mosquitoes out.  You can also use liquid dish soap or vegetable oil to eliminate any mosquito larvae.  The second option would be a drain that takes the rain directly to the road or a French drain with a sock on it that collects and carries rain in a desired direction.   One Source, The Woodlands irrigation specialist has experts available to consult with you!

The third option, if you have a small number of low areas, is to fill with dirt and install fresh sod.  This is an excellent landscaping solution to a property drainage problem.  It is against the law to intentionally direct your water toward a neighbor’s yard, but raising some areas to allow for enhanced drainage in the natural direction is fine.

A fourth option, and one of my favorites, because of it’s beauty is a dry creek bed.  These innovative drainage approaches are designed to be useful and to add a whole new dimension to your The Woodlands landscaping.  Dry creek beds can be as long or wide as you choose.  Enjoy some sunshine, it appears that the rain has stopped for now, so this is the time to take action and improve your property!



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